New lecture series: Health. A society in crisis?

New lecture series: Health. A society in crisis?

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From 8 March 2022 until 28 June 2022, Tuesdays, 17:30 - 19:00 online via Zoom.

This new lecture series, led by Barbara Prainsack, Professor of Comparative Policy Analy-sis at the University of Vienna, and Thomas Beyer, Professor of Physics of Medical Imag-ing at the Medical University of Vienna, addresses the connection between health crises and society. What constitutes a health crisis? What factors result in a health crisis? What are the underlying dynamics and which implications does it have for society and econom-ics? These are the main questions addressed in this interdisciplinary course. Moreover, it focuses on strategies to cope with health crises.

The course is designed as an online lecture series with numerous guest lectures. The lecturers will be present at each lecture unit to introduce and situate the topics of the re-spective guest lectures. Additionally, a discussion with all participants, moderated by the lecturers, will be part of each lecture unit. Students are therefore encouraged to regularly follow the lecture “live”. Most lecture units are held in German, but some will also be in English. The recordings of all lecture units will be available on the channels of DER STANDARD and the University of Vienna.

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Further information

About the lecturers

Barbara Prainsack is Professor of Comparative Policy Analysis and Head of the Depart-ment of Political Science at the University of Vienna. Her research interests are technology policy, health policy and medical policy as well as solidarity.

Thomas Beyer is Professor at the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at the Medical University of Vienna.


Information about participating

The course will take place as a webinar using a University of Vienna external Zoom Pro license. It will also be streamed live on YouTube (accounts of the University of Vienna and "Der Standard"). The YouTube stream will be embedded in a live ticker on and on the website of the University of Vienna. You can watch the streams also later on these channels.

There will be a separate live ticker and stream/video for each course unit. The links to the live tickers will partly also be made available on the social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) of Der Standard and the University of Vienna.

There are two different ways of participating in the webinar:

  • discussants (speakers, moderation team)
  • auditors (especially students and non-university auditors). 

If one of the auditors would like to make an oral contribution to the lecture (questions, comments, etc.), the moderation team first needs to change the auditor’s role to discussant. They can then activate cam-era and microphone. Only once auditors make an oral contribution, their contributions will be recorded and streamed. There will always be the opportunity to ask questions in written form. The moderation team will then put the questions to the speakers.

Persons who participate as discussants agree that the University of Vienna and Der Standard publish their statements made within the lecture.

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