Andrii Chumak

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With the 5G-Spin project, Andrii Chumak aims to exploit the full potential of 5G networks. To do so, he wants to develop magnonic devices for the cell phones of the future. Unlike today's digital components in communication devices, magnonic nanoscale elements can utilize the full wavelength of 5G networks.   In doing so, he can build on the ERC Starting Grant project MagnonCircuits "Nanoscale Magnetic Circuits for Novel Computing Systems". It provided the methodology and know-how for fabricating and characterizing magnonic nanostructures, investigated the physical properties in these structures, and identified robust, reliable, and efficient phenomena for applications. Important building blocks for magnonics-based data processing, such as the first magnonics integrated circuit in the form of a half-adder, were developed as part of the project. Within the new project, it is planned to prototype and patent 5G RF devices and subsequently implement this technology together with European industrial partners.