Benedikt Warth

Portrait of Benedikt Warth

© Copyright: Benedikt Warth/Global Exposomics and Biomonitoring Laboratory

Benedikt Warth’s research aims at investigating the chemical risk factors for the development of breast cancer, such as exposure to hormone-disrupting substances, in a comprehensive way and at making groundbreaking contributions to personalised prevention. Most chronic diseases and tumours are not caused by the human genome (genetic material) but by different environmental influences. However, it has not been possible until now to chemically analyse the sum of these external factors, the so-called exposome, in a comprehensive manner due to its enormous complexity. In his ERC project EXPOMET, with a founding amount of 2.9 million euros, Benedikt Warth develops innovative technological approaches based on state-of-the-art methods of metabolomics to quantitatively assess a previously inconceivable number of toxic foreign substances in human sample material.