Federico D’Onofrio

Portrait Donofrio Federico

DATAREV, Leading the first data revolution in European agriculture. DATAREV investigates the diffusion of farm accountancy offices of continental Europe since the 1870s and the use of farm accountancy data by state and non-state actors in the first half of the 20th century. With its five subprojects, DATAREV thoroughly explores different aspect of the first data revolution, its actors and its consequences. It examines how economic and socially change was conceptualized and direct through accountancy data and statistics and how the peculiar structure of the agricultural business in Europe imposed constraints on bookkeeping unlike those at work in industry. It questions the agency in the datafication process and explores the conflicting claims to the data. Finally, it clarifies how farm accountancy data played a crucial role in the reorganization of the governance of European agriculture after the Long Depression."   Note: Grant transferred to the University of Vienna (2021)