Starting my studies in the summer semester – is it possible?

Yes and no – is probably the right answer. Or in other words: Yes, but you have to consider a few things. Barbara Hamp explains what you need to keep in mind when starting your studies in the summer semester.

15.01.2018 | [more]


Should we ban fully autonomous weapons?

Is it justified that a machine takes decisions about life and death? Philosopher Mark Coeckelbergh argues in his guest article for uni:view why the use of fully autonomous weapons is ethically problematic.

12.01.2018 | [more]


Clothes make the woman: less empathy towards women showing more skin

A team of researchers led by Giorgia Silani from the Faculty of Psychology has shown that empathic feelings and brain responses are reduced when we observe the emotions of sexualized women.

11.01.2018 | [more]


Climate warming may trigger freshwater pearl mussel extinction

A team of biologists, including Andrey Ostrovsky from the University of Vienna, discovered that climate change could have accelerated the population decline of freshwater pearl mussel over the last 100 years.

11.01.2018 | [more]


From the jungle to the clinic

Deep in the jungle, two researchers go on a hunt. What sounds like an adventurous trip, is part of Markus Muttenthaler’s research at the Faculty of Chemistry.

10.01.2018 | [more]


Ron Pinhasi: Looking at ancient DNA

How did people look like, interact, migrate and bond 15,000 years ago? Anthropologist Ron Pinhasi finds answers to these and other questions by reconstructing past genes and genomes from ancient human DNA.

08.01.2018 | [more]


Deadlines of the International Office

You want to study oder teach abroad? Here you find the mobility programmes for students and teachers, scholarships and grants for students and Young Researchers and project funding in higher education.

19.12.2017 | [more]


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