Robert Ahrends, Professor of analytical chemistry

Porträt von Robert Ahrends

Faculty of Chemistry

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"I am a mass spectrometrist at heart dedicated to data-driven workflows and applications and always have the digitalization of the field in mind. My research focuses on developing novel strategies for transforming analytical sciences of small molecules, such as lipidomics and metabolomics, into a true data-driven discipline. Our advanced tools and workflows will enable the design and conduction of mass spectrometry-based experiments and support the deep visualization of MS-derived data that foster large-scale omics approaches." (Robert Ahrends)

Research areas:

* Analytical chemistry of small molecules focussing on lipids
* Mass spectrometry-driven computational science
* Teaching of novel concepts of analytical and mass spectrometry data science

Curriculum Vitae:

2000-2005 Study of Biology, Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany, with majors in Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology
2004-2005 Graduate research assistant, Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany
2005 M.Sc. (with distinction), Biochemistry and Chemistry, Liebig University Giessen, Germany
2005-2006 Research associate at Proteome Factory AG, Berlin, Germany, Prof. Dr. Scheler
2006-2009 Research assistance Department of Analytical Chemistry, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
2009 Dr. rer. Nat. (summa cum laude), Analytical Chemistry, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
2009-2010 Research associate at Agilent Technologies (R&D) and Eppendorf Medical School, Department of Clinical Chemistry, Hamburg, Germany
2010-2013 Postdoctoral fellow, School of Medicine, Stanford University Department of Chemical and Systems Biology, CA, USA
2013-2020 Principal Investigator for Lipidomics, ISAS Dortmund
2020-2021 Assistant Professorship University of Vienna
2021-2022 Associated professorship for analytical chemistry at the University of Vienna
since October 2023 Professor for analytical chemistry at the University of Vienna